It was in the early 1970’s when a small group of Trinidad and Tobago nationals  linked by the relationship of old friendships began a regular weekend hangout which enabled us to socialize and reminisce about our experiences back home on the island. We continued with this habit and as the word got around our numbers increased inclusively of both males and females.
Fortunately for us, the McKenzie brothers who were among us, bought their own home.  Their address at East 40th street became central for us. We began having summer barbecues and holiday gatherings, inviting our friends to fete with us.  In 1979 we began hosting a complimentary New Year’s Eve party in the McKenzie’s basement and this became so popular that it continued for nine years. The success of these events influenced us tremendously to seriously consider coming together as an organized body.  On March 28th 1988 at a meeting attended by Edward Burton, Carl 0‘Brien, Hollis Todd, Harold Badaloo, Desmond Elcock, Cecil McKenzie, Claudius Parke, Lionel Walcott, Bertrand Moore, Arthur Warner, Merlyn Moore and Helen Austin there was a unanimous decision to become a registered organization, we chose to call ourselves Offsetters Cultural Club.
Offsetters Cultural Club Inc, is now an Incorporated 501 (c)(3) Federal tax exempt not-for-profit organization based in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn. Since our inception we have consistently participated in events promoting our Caribbean culture, also we have successfully sponsored events bringing together members of our diverse community for educational, cultural and social purposes and also for recreational engagements.
We remain steadfast in our commitment to assist our youth, and through our education program initiated in 1993, Offsetters have been instrumental in the distribution of scholarship grants to qualifying High School seniors and an annual Christmas children’s toy distribution program is in place and we have also made financial contributions to emergency and needy cases.