Many of us are fortunate because we don’t need to worry about our basic needs. We can focus on our wants–an upgraded car, traveling around the world, etc.

We aren’t asking you to give up your wants. We are asking you to help others meet their needs. Open your heart. Be a part of something bigger. Contribute whatever you are able to contribute and help us establish building blocks in our community to help the less fortunate, allow our fellow men and women to age in place gracefully, and provide our next generation with the best opportunity to succeed in school and life.

We want our community to flourish where we can raise our children in a healthy environment, have access to living wage employment, and lead productive lives. This is OUR home. We need to take care of each other. Together we can continue to create the kind of neighborhoods we all want and the opportunities we all need. We invite you to join with us to be a part of something truly great. Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED.

Our Volunteer Programs include:

  • Helping out at fundraising events
  • Clothing Drives
    • Help us gather, sort and distribute gently used clothes and winter coats
  • Food Drives
    • Help us collect and distribute non-perishable food stuff to familieswith very little to eat
  • The Hungry
    • Be part of our food distribution teams at homeless shelters
  • The Elderly
    • Join us as we visit the elderly and shut-in who suffer from serious loneliness

Let us know which program you are interested in.

Complete the form below or Click here to send us an email ( and an Offsetters representative will contact you.